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Understanding the foundation of movement allows for a safe, supportive practice.


Meditation is a mental training practice that teaches you to slow down racing thoughts.

Mental health

Becoming more aware of the present moment can help us enjoy the world around us.


The body is of utmost importance for our holistic health as it is here that the mental and spiritual realms reside.

Madhu Raina Pande


Madhu is a certified wellness coach by Yoga Certification Board (YCB) – Ministry of Ayush Government of India. Prior to this, she was a communications professional for over two decades. She has spanned sectors such as pharmaceuticals, retail, infrastructure and high-end luxury real estate in Delhi and Mumbai. A natural communicator, Madhu believes that learning is an integral part of her growth.

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2020 was a year of transformation for Madhu when she decided to do something which is emotionally engaging and purposeful. She bid farewell to a high-paying corporate career to dedicate her life to the cause of wellness for all. Touching people’s lives and transforming them was the mission she set out for herself. Holistic health is what Madhu has always believed in. She has been passionate about health and wellness and has been actively practicing yoga as a student in school and college both and later as a working professional too. 

The seeds were planted early on, prompting her to further study the art and science of yoga. To achieve this goal of hers, she learned yoga formally from renowned practice experts and practiced it rigorously. A strict disciplinarian, she is all set to pass on the mantra of wellbeing to others and have benefit people the way she was. The way things shaped up one after another, she calls it all inner calling, which drives her on this beautiful journey of wellness.


Madhu now teaches Yoga, Breathing Practices and Meditation to children and adults across the globe. Her student base is spread across USA, Australia, and Asia. Ever since she started teaching Yoga, she has taught and conducted online live yoga classes for individuals, online Yoga workshops for Corporates, in-person Yoga sessions for kids & teachers at schools, in-person Yoga sessions at wellness camps. In merely 18 months of her wellness journey, she feels blessed having touched more than 300 lives across age groups. 

Her biggest USP is her perfectly structured programs which have a balanced mix of Asanas, Pranayama and Meditative practices. All of it powered by her friendly, personal, and warm approach! For kids, she is a buddy who they love to address as “MADDY”. The kids see in her a friend, motivator, and a trainer – all packaged in one!

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